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The 100th Anniversary of the canonization of Saint Seraphim of Sarov

29 Iuly - 1 August

Russian version


Sarov-Diveyevo. Russia will be the site of celebrations marking the 100th Anniversary of the canonization of Saint Seraphim July 29-August 1, 2003.

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   Thank to God's mercy we have witnessed the great celebrations devoted to 100th Anniversary of canonization of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Definitely, we have not yet fully realized the significance of this great event. Great things should be observed from a certain distance for proper understanding. Here some analogy from the Scriptures is appropriate.
Palm Sunday, Christ's triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Our Lord was hailed by the masses as the long-expected Messiah-King of Israel. The crowds greeted him with branches in their hands and called out to him with shouts of praise: Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! But despite this glorification by the people, Passion Week has come and Our Lord has suffered terrible tortures up to the crucifixion. Only few Christ's disciples witnessed His Holy resurrection and the Lord's appearances within next 40 days. Only after Pentecost the joyful news have been revealed for the whole world. At the same day 3000 people have joined the newborn Church.
Similar things took place during the canonization of St. Seraphim, Wonderworker of Sarov back in year 1903.
Like on Palm Sunday, about 300 000 of people from all Russia took place at celebrations. St. Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra headed the ceremony. The Uncovering of St.Seraphim's Holy Relics was accompanied by numerous miraculous healings of the sick, who had gathered at Sarov in large numbers.
In a few years times of unrest came to Russia. Churches and icons have been destroyed, Christians have been persecuted and murdered in great numbers up to most dreadful crime - Murder of Royal Family in 1918. Lots of newmartyrs and confessors appeared in this bloody period.
70 years after this events revival of Church has begun. Cloisters, churches and icons have been gradually returned to the faithful, people began to undergo holy baptism.
The second Discovery of St. Seraphim's Holy Relics in 1991 and their Transfer into Diveevo (in the fulfillment of prophecy) can be compared with Christ's Resurrection, yet symbolizing the reborn Church and giving special significance to the canonization of NewMartyrs and Confessors of Russia crowned with St. Emperor Nicholas II and His Family. Till recently, this event has not been fully accepted by everyone as some people doubted the appropriateness of Royal Martyr's canonization.
The present celebrations of centennial St.Seraphim's canonization have opened eyes of those who doubted. "I will glorify the Tsar that glorifies me" - St. Seraphim has said, and the prophecy fulfilled as people finally realized the Holiness of Tsar Nicholas, who has made special efforts to canonize St.Seraphim back in 1903.
We hope that the festivities in Sarov, accompanied with miracles, will spread and strengthen faith in the world like after Pentecost. That's why the Church should especially come out for social service. Our priests visit gymnasia, where special room for prayers is equipped, hospital and prison, communicate with convicts every week, despite it was difficult to arrange.
Now we intend to build a new big church with educational complex near the present little one to involve more people of our district into life in God, helping to satisfy their spiritual and physical needs.

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