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The bleeding icon of the Savior.
Threatening omen.

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Service of the New martyrs (in Rusian)

About the icon

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Situation in the
Middle East

       When we saw for ourselves the bleeding icon of the Savior, the question arose in mind of many people: "Was it anything like this before in Russia?"
       In chronicle we read:
       "In the year 6934 (1426) beyond the old Kolozh, at Stony Lake, there was a Sign - the icon of the Blessed Virgin was bleeding, at the 16th day of September; this Sign denoted the invasion of nasty prince Vitovt and a great bloodshed of Christians."
       From the same source, more detailed:
       "In the year 6934 (1426), in the same autumn, there was a Sign from the icon of the Blessed Virgin, at Stony Lake, at the Vassiliy's court: there was bleeding from the right eye of the icon, and blood dropped at the place where the icon stood, and blood flew into the cloth on the way to Pskov, where the icon was transferred at 16th September, in the day of commemoration of Holy GreatMartyress Euphimia."
       So what the icon is mentioned in the Pskov chronicles?

       It was the Icon of the Mother of God, named "Support to the Humble" ("Prizri na smirenie"), the copy of it is located in Kiev.
       In the year 1993 it has miraculously printed itself on the glass of an icon case where it was placed .
       This icon remained in Moscow for three months and a half, calling upon to the humility, strengthening this call with wonders as a testimony
        And now the time has come, to bid farewell to this icon. It was accompanied from Moscow at 14th December at 18 p.m.

       The bleeding icon of the Savior left Moscow at 15th December.
       But according to the church calendar - this two events have occurred in the same day, because we start counting time from the evening. The simultaneous departure from the capital is the second coincidence, that binds the both icons
        We return to the chronicle evidences.
       The Sign of the year 1426 forewent the number of tragic events, that have happened in the next years in the princedom: in that year it was a famine in Pskov, from Ilia's day till Epiphany, than 40 farmsteads were burned by the fire in spring, and at last, in the same year the Lithuanian prince Vitovt broke the peace with Pskov and made an invasion along with Tatars conquering Pskov's districts.
       In the narrative of the icon is mentioned, that such signs, "signals" from the holy icons are given to people from the invisible world to tell us, how immense great is Mother of God's love to the humankind, that strives even if not for protecting us from the impendent disasters, than at least for alerting us to them.
       So what shall we wait for in our lifetime, overburdened by such disgusting sins, that our forefathers could not even imagine? For what kind of future difficult trials does our Lord prepare us? Answers to this questions will be revealed in certain time. And we shall already now learn the spiritual lessons from the threatening omens that are shown.
       The combined visit of Lord along with Mother of God should raise hope for a prayer of Diligent Patroness in our hearts, and the name of Her icon suggests us the salvation way.
       Merciful Lord, lend a "Support to the Humble" of Your Mother, and let us grow in this saving virtue, that, coupled with obedience, is "more than fast and prayer".

The second answer gives the Divine Sufferer:
"A new commandment
I give unto you, that ye
love one
another; even as I
have loved you,
that ye also love
one another. Greater
love hath
no man than this,
that a man lay
down his life
for his friends.
       This is a fragment of icon before bleeding. Now the left half of the Gospel is hidden from us.
       LOVE ONE ANOTHER - exactly this words are covered with Divine blood

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Welcome of the wonderworking icon of Mother of God named "Support to the Humble" .


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